At MLJ Marine Oil and Services Limited we strive to actively participate in all areas of opportunity within the dredging and associated industries, with our primary focus on the following core dredging operations:

  • Capital Dredging Services: Dredging to create harbours, channel creation for access to oil & gas installations and generally to aid navigation of vessels
  • Maintenance Dredging: Dredging to increase water depth in order to enhance navigation of vessels and ensure unrestricted flow of water channels
  • Land Reclamation/Stock-piling: Dredging to mine sand from the seabed and deposit it elsewhere in order to create new landmass
  • Shore Protection Works: To discourage erosion and reclaim marine shorelines by depositing sand or by the laying of rock mattresses etc
  • River Crossing: Creating a trench below the river/seabed to allow pipelines to be laid or buried.

We specialize in dredging and reclamation works, Pipeline and Flowline construction , with Compliance to Clients’ safety requirement and International Standards